How Long Does Orthodontic Treatment Take?

The amount of time it takes for orthodontic treatment depends on many factors including: what you need doing, whether you are seeking short-term cosmetic improvements or longer-term solutions to achieve a better overall result, the orthodontic system you are being treated with, your age, how frequently you attend appointments, how compliant you are with wearing elastics, how fast your teeth move, and the skill and experience of your orthodontist.

At the outset of treatment, Dr. Cox will give you an indication of treatment time based on his experience of treating people with similar needs. This isn’t an exact science, and you should be prepared to be flexible if you are looking for the best possible results.

Dr. Cox will inform you if it would be better delaying treatment or setting more achievable outcomes. If you are seeking a short-term orthodontic solution, think about the long-term results you desire and ask yourself whether, once you start treatment, the need to finish quickly will still be there or if you would prefer a better and more comprehensive overall result.

The time to undertake orthodontic treatment will always vary between patients. If you start with an outcome in mind and are prepared to accept it will take as long as it takes, you will find the overall experience more relaxed. This will make for a more rewarding experience for you and our practice.

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