Invisalign Treatment in Franklin and Lewisburg

The most obvious appeal clear aligners have to prospective patients is how drastically less-noticeable the aligners are when compared to traditional braces.

The smooth and flexible plastic of clear aligners such as Invisalign and 3M Clarity Aligners causes minimal disturbance to the teeth and mouth. There aren’t any brackets or sharp wires to cause abrasions or poke your mouth, making it a more comfortable option right from the beginning. Aligners take up less space in your mouth than braces as well, displacing your cheeks and lips less, and making it less apparent you are undergoing treatment.

After your initial consultation, you’ll typically have fewer appointments than you would with traditional braces. Since you’ll be given a certain number of aligners at the beginning of your treatment, you’ll only have to see Dr. Cox every 6–8 weeks to make sure your treatment is on track. There’s also a reduced chance you’ll have to come in for emergency appointments, since very little can go wrong with your aligner hardware, as opposed to braces, which have brackets that are prone to breaking and wires that can poke and cause occasional discomfort.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign uses a series of customized clear aligners to straighten teeth in a quicker amount of time and with fewer office visits than traditional braces. Thousands of orthodontists in the United States and Canada use Invisalign braces to accurately and effectively treat their patients.

Invisalign aligners in a case
  • Almost Invisible – Invisalign aligners can barely be seen while you are wearing them!
  • Comfortable to wear – The aligners are made from a special plastic that has smooth, rounded edges so they won’t irritate your mouth and tissues like traditional braces often can.
  • Customized just for you – Your Invisalign aligners are customized to fit your mouth and, over time, move your teeth into the proper position.
  • Removable –Unlike traditional metal braces, you can remove your aligners to eat, drink, brush your teeth, floss and for special occasions. There’s no need to change your lifestyle with Invisalign!
  • Effective – You will notice a significant difference even before your treatment is complete! Most treatments are complete within one year, however, this can vary from patient to patient.

How Invisalign Works

Invisalign® aligners have the same purpose and result as traditional wire braces. With either method, the treatment system slowly exerts pressure on the teeth, gently coaxing them into their proper alignment. Traditional braces do this with wires of varying strength and thickness, while Invisalign® does the same with a series of clear trays that get closer and closer to your perfect smile with each new set during your treatment.

Invisalign invisible aligners in Franklin and Lewisburg

Is Invisalign Right For You?

Clear aligners are a great alternative to wire or ceramic braces for those seeking the ultimate discreet orthodontic treatment experience. Their virtual invisibility and removability make them a popular option for adults and those teens who want the freedom to remove their aligners for short special events such as picture day at school.

While those with significant malocclusions of their jaw may still be recommended for traditional or ceramic braces, Invisalign® aligners are now able to correct certain malocclusions just as effectively as wire braces! If you’re unsure whether Invisalign® is right for your smile, we’d love for you to make an appointment with Dr. Cox for a consultation about your smile and treatment options!

What is Invisalign Teen?

At Cox Orthodontics, we want our teen patients to be excited about starting their journey towards straighter teeth, not dread it. Fortunately, Invisalign Teen can achieve just that!

Invisalign Teen Can Be as Effective as Traditional Braces

As long as teens wear their aligners the recommended 20-22 hours a day, Invisalign Teen can be just as effective as traditional braces for most common dental issues. Invisalign can effectively treat most mild to moderate cases of underbite, overbite, overcrowding, and gaps between teeth. We offer a free initial consultation to prospective patients, and we’ll let you know if your teen is a candidate for this treatment.

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