Metal Braces

Traditional Metal Braces.

Traditional metal braces are what most people envision when they think of orthodontic treatment and they are still, by far, the most popular option with children and teenagers. While other kinds of braces have been steadily gaining traction, they have yet to beat traditional metal braces in popularity. In recent years, there have been significant technological advancements in these types of braces that have decreased their size and thickness, providing increased comfort and better hygiene.

What are Metal Braces?

Traditional metal braces are made of smooth stainless steel. They are affixed to your teeth with an adhesive and connected by a wire. They need occasional tightening to allow steady pressure to gradually straighten your teeth and align your jaw.

More Comfortable on your teeth.

Dr. Cox only uses the highest quality orthodontic materials made. The brackets have been designed and chosen to help Dr. Cox treat you in the most effective and efficient way possible. Because of the unique design of your braces, they are smaller and more comfortable. That means your braces will feel as good to you as they look to others!